CougarD is a mature woman dating application that has been committed to providing a friendly and efficient dating platform for them. Since going online in 2016, CougarD has used smart matching technology to provide chat services to a large number of mature women and younger men. Every month, more than 150,000 single users join the CougarD family to find their love and soul mates.

Why Created CougarD?

As you know, in the era of "the first impression determines whether to slide left or right", most dating apps are "unfriendly" to mature older woman users. In many dating apps, age is still the main consideration for most male users when choosing a date or spouse. So this has made it difficult for older women users to get matches, chats, and even appointment invitations on "universal" dating apps. For older women, this may create the illusion that they are not popular in dating apps. The neglect of the dating needs of mature older women in the dating market has prompted us to create a professional and efficient dating platform to serve older women, that is, CougarD. The biggest significance of CougarD is to help older women with dating needs have a professional and efficient dating platform. In CougarD's name and introduction, you can clearly see CougarD's positioning as a mature elder woman dating app. This means those male users who download and use CougarD highly accept or prefer to date mature older women. Therefore, when the mature elder woman uses CougarD, she will quickly get a match, chat, or even an invitation to a real date, because here, she is no longer restricted by her age.

About CougarD's Features

Every day CougarD will welcome the arrival of more than 5,000 new users, coupled with the use of a large number of active old users, this is undoubtedly a huge amount of data. CougarD introduced the most advanced AI algorithm to help users get smart recommendations. The basic information submitted by the user during registration, such as the description of the self, the type of the desired date, or the hobby of spending free time, can all be the basis for the user when initiating the match. In addition, we found in the survey that mature users are more inclined to efficient dating mode, so users can select the matching city on the filter page. The distance control can greatly increase the user's matching and dating success rate. At the same time, it is worth mentioning that CougarD currently cites the most advanced AI face recognition system and implements a 24-hour manual review mechanism. We found in the previous survey that mature older women users attach great importance to the security of online dating apps. They detested fraudulent information, violent information, and other harmful information on dating apps. How to shield harmful information to the greatest extent and effectively maintain the harmonious and safe use environment of the CougarD community is something that our team has been trying to solve. At present, CougarD uses a dual security protection system, that is, AI faces recognition system and a 24-hour manual review mechanism. If the AI face recognition system detects that the user is a scammer, or if the user posts a lot of false or bad information on the app, then the user will be blocked immediately and will never be able to enter the CougarD community. The 24-hour manual review system will review the account of the user's report. If the user's report is established, the reported user will be blocked.

CougarD's Future Plans

For the future, CougarD's team members all have the same goal, which is to help older women in more regions to enjoy our services. The independence of women around the world is becoming clearer, which also reflects the independence of dating. We hope that all single elder women are no longer an accessory of the family, and they no longer have to suffer the strange vision of those around them because they pursue love in their elder age. Enjoying love and enjoying freedom is the power that every single woman deserves. This should not change because of age!